Business and Accounting Services by Thai Accountant for SME in Bangkok, Thailand

Are you looking for professional accounting and business services from Thai Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Bangkok who can speak English fluently and years of experience working with the expatriate community?  Here at SMEBAAS, we provide accounting and advisory services focusing on small and medium enterprises (SME) businesses established in Bangkok by professional Thai accountant with International CFO standard of quality.



Benefits for SME Entrepreneurs of Outsourced Accounting Services

  • Streamline accounting activities and Save time 

Most entrepreneurs spend about 6 hours a week on sorting through the files to find invoices and getting the financial statements ready, and we get 80% of that off your plate. SMEBAAS could help entrepreneurs save hundred hours a year on their bookkeeping and paperwork tasks. Outsourcing accounting task to one of the expert accounting services is a vital decision for the small businesses. 

  • Highly cost- Effective with the Competitive Price 

SMEBAAS is predominantly rendering the accounting and auditing services along with other allied business services in Bangkok, Thailand. The services are furnished to all business sizes and segments, including, small and medium enterprises to big, national and international corporations with the local fixed fee agreement with high – end international quality service.

  • Drive Efficiency in Business 

it is essential for entrepreneurs to know about the financial health of their enterprise to attain their predefined goals and objectives while particularly stressing on its ability of maintaining its survival and profitability constantly. SMEBAAS is not only provide bookkeeping standard service but also help business to increase their collection rate, grow their profit margin and maximize their cash so that it can be ensured that their business is getting to the expected level.

  • On-Time Delivery and Guarantee of Satisfaction

       Deadlines for completing accounts and tax returns filing for Thai business are set by the government. Failing to meet these can result in financial penalties. Therefore, meeting customer’s expectations and delivery requirements is a priority for us.


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We are an English Speaking Thai Accounting Service Company for SME in Bangkok, Thailand

If you are looking for accounting professional services from our English speaking Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and years of experience working with expatriate community, SMEBASS is definitely your answer

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