Payroll SerVice

Payroll and Social Security Fund

Absolutely, payroll and personal tax services for foreigner SME  in Thailand are needed for every company. This is related to labor laws in Thailand, which foreign SMEs do not get familiar with. Payroll system in Thailand is concerned with Social Security Office, Taxation, and Labors’ Welfare, which is quite complicated, and you need to employ more staff for working with this job for you. Payroll outsource service is a cost-effective option for SME Company limited in Thailand as you. Outsource service provides the advantage of confidentiality, in addition to having access to personnel who are highly experienced and familiar with Thai government and corporate regulations.

With many years of our experiences in payroll and government affairs, SMEBAAS is your best choice to put your reliability on with valuable cost.

For more information on the Thai regulation for payroll information, Click Here>>>

What we will provide under payroll and personal tax services for foreigner and for SME in Thailand including:

  • Payroll calculations & payment-slip
  • Issuing payment instructions to a bank
  • Withholding tax & Tax Certificates
  • Calculating Social Security & Government Agency Payments
  • Electronic Reporting

However, this full service does not include the contribution charge from Social Security Services for company’s employee’s welfare, which will be deducted from the company’s bank account in each month together with employee’s salary under our outsource service operation

HR Payroll Service Rate

Number of Employee

Price (USD)/month

Less than 5


6 – 10


11 – 20


21 – 30


31 – 40


41 – 50


More than 50



Social Security Fund Service Fee


Price (USD)

Social Security Fund Registration

200 One time fee

Annual Social Security Fund Payment

150 One time fee

Please note: Package above includes full service with NO extra charge.