SME Company Limited Registration for foreigners in Thailand

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All your problems about SME Company Limited Registration for foreigners in Thailand will be solved once you have us, SMEBAAS. With our professional services of SME company registration, Foreign Business License (FBL) application, VAT registration, and all legal documents related to SME company registration, you just leave all worries about company registration to us for starting your new business in Thailand smoothly and successfully.

If you are the one who is interested to start SME business in Thailand and facing the problem of company registration, you just contact us here and we, with the great team, will support you all about starting the business in Thailand without any troubles.

In this worldwide society, many foreigners are interested to invest and start their own business in foreign countries especially Thailand. However, the company registration process in Thailand causes many foreign investors discouraged, and they give up starting the new business in Thailand according to regulations, which are quite detailed and complicated, and document related to many government departments, which may take several weeks to proceed.

Therefore, it will make them waste time and manpower to work for company registration and all concerns. Furthermore, the key factor is about language. The official language in Thailand is Thai, so every document for company establishment needs to be Thai language while many foreigners could not read or write Thai for an official document. This language factor may cause you the delay in running your business in Thailand. From these concerned factors, foreign investors need the professional supporting team about starting SME business in Thailand.

The company limited is the most popular form of SME business structures in Thailand.

The key elements of SME Company Limited Registration for foreigners in Thailand are:

  • A minimum of three agents
  • At least one director
  • An auditor
  • A memorandum of association
  • A statutory meeting
  • Registration of the incorporation papers
  • The selective option of company stamp

With the above concerns, we are SME Bangkok Accounting & Advisory Services (SMEBAAS) who is the expert in company limited registration and Thai corporate regulations, and we are skilled in both Thai and English business communication. You can just leave all issues about company registration to our responsibility. For more information, visit here >>>

Our full services are followings:

  • Company registration
  • Foreign Business License (FBL)
  • application VAT registration
  • Bank Account registration
  • Other documents related to company registration

Once all these concerns are handled by the professional team as us with the valuable package provided, you can start your business without any worries and you will be able to run your business in Thailand smoothly and successfully.


Company Limited Registration Service Fee Rate


Amount  of Registered Capital

Price (USD)

1,000,000 Baht

1,500    One-time fee

2,000,000 Baht

2,000   One-time fee

3,000,000 Baht 

2,500    One-time fee

4,000,000 Baht

3,000    One-time fee

5,000,000 Baht

3,500    One-time fee

Up to 6,000,000 Baht 

4,500    One-time fee


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