Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

The accounting and bookkeeping services of SMEBAAS have been well designed for SME so that they could reap maximum benefit from it. The range of SME accounting services we offer includes well-organized bookkeeping service and tax filing service.  It is the need of every SME in Bangkok. We will design our services by managing your accounting software, developing the charts of accounts for different companies, and the data entry services according to your company’s business.

SMEBAAS is an efficient way for your SME business in Bangkok because we have a Thai CPA speaking fluent English to oversee your Thailand accounting records. We also provide the accounting and bookkeeping service from Thai certified accountants to sign off your Thai accounting books. it is required by Thai Accounting Law. SMEBAAS is fully conversant with Thai accounting standards and the Thai tax laws. We provide a comprehensive and customized range of services designed to exactly meet your needs.

Our monthly BASIC accounting and bookkeeping services package include:

Monthly Bookkeeping & Accounting :

At the end of each month, you get the following accounting / financial reports:

  • Balance Sheet detailing assets and liabilities at the end of each fiscal month
  • Profit & Loss Statement listing revenues and detailing expenses of the month and the year-to-date
  • Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Aging schedule of accounts receivable
  • Aging schedule of accounts payable
  • Fixed assets and depreciation schedule
  • Detailed account ledgers
  • Detailed accounting journal entries
  • Custom Internal Reports

Tax Preparation & Filing

Timely monthly filing of VAT, Withholding tax, Service Tax, and annual submissions for Corporate Tax and Corporate Income declarations. Our detailed knowledge of Thai tax laws will ensure total compliance with local timings and documentation requirements. Free tax forms to download >> 


Our monthly EXCLUSIVE accounting and bookkeeping services package include:

More than a decade of experience working with businesses like yours, we’re familiar with the systems and processes that make or break your profitability. When you work with us, you will also receive BUSINESS BUDGET VARIANCE ANALYSIS. We will help you to manage, and maintain a budget against your actual performance. 

The benefit from this exclusive accounting services are;

  1. Develop a reliable reporting system for accurate analysis.
  2. Build awareness of cash position, profit, and other lifelines.
  3. Understand the financial foundations of your business. 
  4. Avoid crises and plan for future growth.

The rate of Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

  Fixed Monthly Accounting and Bookeeping fee   (in USD) 

Number of Purchase and Billing Invoices

per Month 

Basic Package Exclusive Package  Total special package 
Less than 50  invoices                                               300                                            50                                  350
50-100 invoices                                               600                                          100                                  700
100-150 invoices                                               900                                          150                               1,050
150-200 invoices                                            1,200                                          200                               1,400
200-250 invoices                                           1,500                                          250                               1,750
250-300 invoices                                           1,800                                          300                               2,100