Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Professional auditing services for SME is a fundamental legal obligation in Thailand. by the Thai government. The requirement from Thai IRS (Thai Revenue Department) , Department of Business Development and Ministry of Commerce for all registered companies are to submit annual financial statements.  It must be confirmed as true and compliant with Thai Generally Accepted Accounting principles (THAI GAAP). Therefore, Company’s audit reports are need to be signed by Thai CPA’s (certified public accountants). 

In auditing process, it involves a review of internal procedures prior to the closing of Annual Accounts followed by a Statement of accounts.  This verification must be provided by Thai CPA. Therefore, here we provide professional auditing services for SME in Bangkok. Our service is provided by Thai English Speaking CPA to help you to ease up all the process with your in house accounting team and Thai Revenue Department.

Benefits from Professional Auditing Service for SME

Lack of Communication issue

Most importantly, it is very necessary to work closely with a Thai business counterpart. We are very familiar with the culture and Thai regulation and accounting standard.  As when entering into any business in Thailand, it had better understand the subtle local messages being conveyed.  Therefore, SMEBAAS’s Thai auditor speaking fluent English and fully qualified. With highly experienced many years in this aspect, we are great choices of your assistance.

Customer’s Satisfaction and Relationship Focused

We are fully independent. We definitely have total respect for the needs for confidentiality. As a result, we will ensure timely and detailed reporting with complete compliance with Thai Auditing Standards and tax laws.

Adding value through our audit service

In performing audit report, we will strive to go beyond a financial statement opinion.  We also help you builds on a growing understanding of your internal controls – as well as generate value-added ideas and solutions. We  ensure that we add value to you at all times

Professional auditing services for SME
Professional auditing services for SME
Professional auditing services for SME