7 Benefits for Foreigners to Start SME Business in Thailand

SME business in Thailand is the top choice for foreigners especially in Bangkok.  Thailand is the prosper city, which many foreigners are interested and intend to start their own businesses in Thailand, the most important thing to know before a foreigner starting up a SME company in Thailand is which business is suitable enough and tends to be successful in Thailand. The foreigners need to learn as much as they can about the nature of Thai people and also in South East Asia for expanding the business in the future.


Here are 7  main benefits for foreigners to start SME business in Thailand.


Food & restaurants

Bangkok is the center of food and restaurants. There are many nationalities of food; Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Western, American, and etc. And, there are many areas for food and restaurants; street food, truck food, market food, and restaurants. Therefore, restaurant is a good idea to start SME business in Thailand. If you are specialized in your national food, you are able to open a restaurant in the fine area such as a building in business zone, a shopping mall, a department store, or in the area around Bangkok.

Moreover, the food production or catering can be the successful business in Thailand as well. Importing or exporting fresh food is a good idea to start SME business in Thailand because of the government support for the tax exception. And, the plenty of food will be trafficked in Thailand and other countries around South East Asia.

With the nature of Thai people, food is much important for Thai way of life. Therefore, if a foreigner is interested to start SME business in Thailand, food and restaurant can be the good choice, which have no way to be unsuccessful with the good taste, reasonable price, and good services. Food and restaurants is the great idea to start SME business in Thailand, which you can search for more information at REPORTERLINKER


Tourism business is very popular in Thailand and many countries around the world. Exploring new places is much interesting for people, and Asian countries are quite new places for people around the world to explore. You are able to be a part of tourism business for example;

Hotel business

There are many kinds of hotels in Thailand; hotel, hostel, guesthouse, or homestay, which the foreigners starting business in Thailand will have various choices to suit the nature of tourists and the style of you.

Travel agency

Travel agency in Thailand is a popular business. There are many travel agencies in Thailand actually. However, this business still has space for more agencies because tourism business in Thailand is growing up every year. Moreover, you can be the agency of travelling abroad or local, which target to both Thai and foreign tourists, because foreign tourists normally want to explore Thailand and Thai tourists also want to explore other countries around the world.

Car rental business

When tourism business is more popular, one thing, which grows together with the tourism, is the car rental business. You are able to start SME business in Thailand by buying cars for tourists’ rental, which you will earn much more profits in the main tourism cities where there are a lot of tourists’ traffic.

Tourism is the big industry in Thailand, which foreigners are allowed to start the business in Thailand in this industry. Also, numerous tourists around the world are heading to cities in Thailand; Bangkok, Chiang Mai, or Phuket, and many other cities around Thailand, which are very impressive to tourists with various ancient places, various cultures, and various kinds of festivals. This type of business is a good chance for foreigners to start business in Thailand. 

Advertising and Marketing

This business in Digital 4.0 era is much more popular and the competition in Thailand is quite interesting for joining. To start SME business in Thailand as Advertising and Marketing agency is a good idea for foreigners who are specialized in advertising and marketing, which you can create the new vision of advertising and marketing in Thailand.

Moreover, Thai people use social media a lot, which digital advertising will reach the target consumers very easily. And, the growth of this business is higher and higher every year as the statistic  Therefore, being a part of this business will make you achieve your goal of starting SME business in Thailand very easily.


Jewelry is a good idea for foreigners who are interested to start SME business in Thailand. Thai people love to wear the jewelry and Thailand is a big market for various kinds of jewelry. You can search for the sources of materials in Thailand and run the production by your own, or you are able to be the agent for selling jewelry in Thailand and other countries around the world.

Furthermore, you are able to import good design of jewelry around the world with the government promotion support to SME business. And, you will have many channels to sell; shops beside the road, shops in the department store, shops in the hotels, and online shop in social media. With the good design and reasonable price, you can be successful in starting SME business in Thailand. The jewelry market in Thailand always opens to new investors. 


Nowadays, Thai people and population around the world tend to take care of their health much more than before. Producing the healthcare products or healthy food will be the food trend for starting SME business in Thailand. Also, if you have much experience in health nutrition, you can be the expert and start your business as healthcare products, which can also export to other countries around the world as well.

In addition, you are able to open the gym, fitness center, or sport club, which is much more popular for Thai people. If you specialize in health, fitness, or any kind of sport, you can be a part of healthcare business in Thailand. Thai people nowadays have the trends to go to fitness center or sport club, and also they prefer to have 1 sport they love to join the society.

Healthcare and business related to people health should be the good step to start SME business in Thailand right now. You can search for the trends in Thailand as link: https://www.statista.com/outlook/313/126/fitness/thailand.


As Thailand is growing to Thailand 4.0 according to the government policy, the traffic of people and consumers’ products in Thailand must be growing much more. Also, AEC project, which Thai government and many countries in South East Asia are trying to push it to be succeeded, is running quite well. The most common business, which is growing up together is logistic business. Logistics is included import and export for international trade, inland transportation for products’ importing or exporting, and local delivery such as from a province to another province by registered mail or express delivery.

Many manufacturers are located in Thailand and most of them need to export their products to other countries. The logistics business can support them to export their products and import some raw materials for production. Therefore, the logistic market is quite huge and is a good opportunity for foreigners to start SME business in Thailand.

Further, nowadays, Thai people’s nature is social media addict, so they prefer to shop online and all digital advertising very impact to most Thai people. Therefore, SME businesses about online shopping such as online shop, dropship system, and express delivery are growing up according to Thai people’s lifestyle changed.

The logistic business in Thailand is tended to grow up more and more in each year and assumed to be worldwide according to AEC project supported by the government. 


As Thailand is the center of industrial business and manufacturing in South East Asia, the need of good quality machines with professional supplier is still required. Even though the manufacturing in Thailand has been opened for long, the development of machinery is still slow comparing with the development of products for consumers. Therefore, many manufacturers try to find the good quality machinery for their industry with the reasonable price, which will not increase their cost. Therefore, the foreigners who would like to start SME business in Thailand can consider choosing this idea as the distributor of machinery or the machinery producer if you are an expert.

With various kinds of manufacturing in Thailand, various kinds of machinery are required to match their type of manufacturing. Moreover, many institutes in Thailand are also developing the quality machines for manufacturers, which you can be their distributor in case you do not want to import the machines from overseas.

Starting SME business in Thailand as the machinery distributor will be very easy with the government policy support. Therefore, this can be your good choice, which you can study for more details amount machinery required in Thailand at EVENTSEYE,

SMEBAAS can be your support as the business consulting and financial consulting. It is not difficult to start SME business in Thailand, if you choose the good consulting company for your business.


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